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AIoT Resource Circulation Solution

Smart Resource Circulation Infrastructure for Plastic and Waste
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Oysterable's Lalaloop© AIoT resource circulation solution is a cutting-edge, self-serve, resource-circulating, Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) and infrastructure that creates a closed loop cycle of recyclables and reusables as a viable alternative to the use of single-use waste. It automates the collection of recyclables and reusables anytime and anywhere, without the need for human assistance.

Lalaloop smart reusable circulation system

Our solution's capacity to recognize dedicated recognition codes, such as QR, Barcode, RFID and Digital watermark, etc., and grouped under our LalaloopID© technology, facilitates the efficient management of the entire cycle of recyclables and reusables, from manufacturing to consumption and reprocessing. The cloud control server monitors the loading and collection status of recyclables and reusables.

Rewards and payment settlement details are managed in real time, and deposit refunds can be made in a variety of ways, including local currency or the organization's own incentives. By using Lalaloop© Alot resource circulation, organizations can effi- ciently build a global smart city resource circulation infrastructure.

Lalaloop© AloT resource circulation is the smartest choice to build a global smart city for forward-thinking organizations that prioritize sustainability and aspire to build a more environmentally conscious world.


AIoT Resource Circulation Solution

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Cloud-based AI Capabitities
Clout Data Management System
Operational data management
Remote device management system
Automaitc loading function utilizing dispensing
Flexible network communications (LTE / WIFI / LAN)
Network communication (LTE / WIFI / LAN)
Deposit/incentive settlement and management function
Deposit, point interlocking API system (Refund Gateway)
Digital marketing and advertising features


Carbon Credit Data Tracking Management System

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F&B Companies

Petrochemical Companies

Distributors and Retailers

Individual Consumers

LalaloopID© is a state-of-the-art personal and corporate carbon credit data tracking management systme that streamlines carbon credit trading through recycling and reuse.

The ystem achieves this by incorporating exclusive recognition information in various encoding formats,such as digital watermark, QR, Barcode, RFID, etc. on recyclables and reusables. This enables the efficient tracking of the entire life cycle of resources,from the package manufacturing to distribution, disposal, and recycling/reuse.

In view of its impressive functionalities, LalaloopID© presents the optimal solution for tracking carbon emissions, thereby enabling organizations to make informed decisions to mitigate their carbon footprint. As a result, the system plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and contributing to the overall global effort to combat climate change.

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Oysterable is a leading AIoT resource circulation company in Korea. It specializes in providing cuting-edge AIoT recycling/reuse circular infrastructure and operations management solutions that effectively address the plastic and waste problems.

Through the deployment of self-serve resource circulation reverse vending machines and rewards apps,Oysterable is promoting sustainability by creating a virtuous cycle that encourages citizen participation, which is essential for building global smart cities for carbon neutrality, by leveraging innovative technology and rewarding citizens for their participation.

Oysterable has self-developed technology, and secured more than 12 patent applications, demonstraing the company's comminment to innovation. As of December 2022, Oysterable apps have reached about 80,000 cumulative users, and more than 660 LalaLoop© machines are successfully operating across Korea.
With its innovative solutions and growing user base, Oysterable is playing an instrumental role in promoting sustainable pracices in the region and beyond.

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